Maintenance Technician


Position Description

The Community Maintenance Technician (“MT”) at Signature Property Group (“SPG”) helps maximize the current and future physical appearance and usefulness of the physical property.  This responsibility relates to both daily upkeep and the long term health of the property.  The MT will achieve this goal by:

  • Responding to and correcting all maintenance problems with the correct repair (no duct tape)
  • Walking the grounds to identify any potential repairs, areas of improvement, or residents who aren’t being good neighbors
  • Executing preventive maintenance program
  • Executing a 4-day apartment turnover program
  • Acting as a good steward for all of the resources with which they are entrusted


  • Reports to the Community Maintenance Supervisor (“MS”)
  • Fills in for MS in their absence
  • Treats residents and prospects as valued customers


The type of job responsibilities performed by the MT includes:

Work Orders

  • Performs work orders based on how the MS has prioritized
  • Completes work orders with proper solution (i.e., no band aids)
  • Is friendly and courteous to residents when performing work orders

Property Stewardship

  • Execute preventive maintenance schedule to interiors, buildings, and grounds
  • Life safety - smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, alarm systems, night lighting, and sprinkler systems
  • HVAC – air filters and coil cleanings
  • Building envelope – shingles, gutters/downspouts, windows, and doors
  • Waste – location and condition of dumpsters and trash cans
  • Pool – chemicals, cleaning, filters etc. maintained

Identify capital improvements required to maintain property lifespan and appearance

  • Repairs to building envelope
  • Replacement of plumbing, mechanical, and electrical equipment


Enforce Property Standards on Resident and Guests

  • Be the “eyes and ears” of the property to enforce rules that are intended to keep residents from infringing on other residents enjoyment of the property
  • Stop loud music
  • Report suspicious behavior
  • Report bad animal behavior (e.g., barking) or ownership (e.g., having an apartment full of fleas)
  • Report illegal grills, satellite dishes, and inappropriate cars


  • Help ensure turnover of every apartment is complete in four days of becoming vacant
  • Prep apartments so that there will be no extra charges from the painter, cleaner, or carpet cleaner that cannot be charged back directly to the prior resident
  • Report any damages (e.g., broken refrigerator shelf) to MS and/or Community Manager to charge back to the prior resident
  • At end of turn, have HWH off, refrigerator open and unplugged, heat/AC set to 55/80degrees, and lights off

Manage Expenses

  • Be judicious in use of supplies
  • Work efficiently to complete duties in 40-hour work week

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