Community Representative

Community Representative

Position Description

A Community Representative (“CR”) at Signature Property Group (SPG) is responsible for aiding onsite team in maximizing the current and potential future financial performance of the community and assets (including human) they are charged with leading.  The CR achieves this goal by:

  • Seeking to continually improve the physical condition of the property; including both ensuring         completion of daily housekeeping duties and recommending long term repairs and improvements
  • Treating all residents, prospects, vendors, and employees fairly and compassionately
  • Following procedures and using good judgment in line with our core values to ensure that the         community has the best quality residents possible
  • Thoroughly and accurately completing all resident accounting and management reporting
  • Acting as a good steward for all of the resources with which they are entrusted

Position Big Picture

A successful CR will support their team in leading their community and team to provide good housing to good neighbors by good people.  This is accomplished through priority management, effective and empowering delegation, positivity, humility, and continual improvement.  Specifics herein are guidelines for how to accomplish this concept.


The CR has the following business relationships

  • Reports directly to their CML and Implements strategies for and supports efforts of Regional Manager
  • Is a role model for lower level onsite personnel
  • Manages resident and prospect relationships
  • Supports efforts and needs of SPG
  • Actively participates in local trade organizations (e.g., Triad Apartment Association)


The types of job functions performed by a CR include and certainly are not limited to:


Lease as many apartments, under as long of terms, to as many qualified applicants, as is possible.  Utilize the tools available to improve results, including:

  • Prospect tracking reports
  • Prospect contact plans
  • Prospect contact scripts

Renew as many apartments, under as long of terms, to good residents, as possible.  Utilize the tools available to improve results, including:

  • Lease expiration tracking reports
  • Renewal contact plans
  • Renewal contact scripts
  • Understand that renewals start with the MOVE-IN experience

Market the property creatively and cost effectively.  Most advertising and event planning comes from the MD but the CAM is responsible to be a part of a team wo:

  • Owns the accuracy and inventory of promotional materials and brochures
  • Knows what advertisements the property is currently doing and ensuring these ads are accurate (even if they didn’t design them)
  • Maintains Facebook/Craigslist/MySpace or other free marketing ads
  • Performs one off-site marketing effort per week
  • Maintains a series of resident/prospect socials and retention efforts (minimum of 2 per month)
  • Ensures that signage, flags, banners, balloons, etc. and the clubhouse look loved

Know your market; each week review your own, and your competitors, occupancy, rental rate, concession, and traffic results. Utilize the tools available to improve results, including: 

  • Property Snapshot and Snaprent Reports
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports

Believe and act as though residents and prospects are more important than administrative work:

  • Greet prospects as soon as they walk in (get the door for them if you see them coming)
  • Answer as many phone calls as you can (when a prospect is not if front of you)
  • Return phone calls and emails as quickly as possible


  • Be aware of maintenance staff and work flow
  • Issue purchase orders (POs) for all maintenance vendors and maintenance supplies
  • Confirm quality and completion of work assigned to maintenance staff and vendors
  • Inspect grounds, parking lots, breezeways, balconies, patios, and building exteriors to ensure that the property is maintained in excellent condition
  • Inspect community to ensure residents are adhering to the Community Rules
  • Recommend to CML needed physical repairs and capital improvements
  • Reevaluate maintenance procedures to identify cost and result improvements


  • Maintain requisite files and records
  • Collect rent, files court papers, and reports bad debt to collection agency

Financial Reporting and Control

  • Post rent into AppFolio and make DAILY BANK DEPOSITS!
  • Complete all resident accounting (e.g., move-in/move-out accounting)

Requirements and Experience

  • Required
  •    1+ years site management experience
  •    Reliable transportation
  • Desired
  •    NAA NALP designation

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